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Greetings and Welcome to the Final Fantasy Tactics Realm: Online. Enjoy your stay... but first why not sit down and find out exactly what FFT: Online is? After that you can head on over to the Bervenia Tavern for a nice cold ale, and perhaps correctly answer some of the weekly trivia questions as well! After all, everyone could use a little extra Gil to spend in the shops...

Final Fantasy Tactics Realm: Online, v5.0 | Home and News
Today is: (NY)

Moonday, Novander 26, 855.

Realm Sponsors:
If you are an individual or a company interested in sponsoring the Realm, we have several different programs available:

- Individual Sponsorship: You can make a donation or subscribe at three different levels. If you play the game, you are given a special Supporter Package along with weekly Gil and Experience rewards for your character.
- Corporate Sponsorship: If you are interested in placing a small banner or text ad in the sponsored section on the forum (located at the bottom of every page), we offer competitive rates on a monthly schedule.

Here are some recent statistics for the Realm:

For the month of October, we had a steady stream of visitors at around 14,000 total. They viewed over over 550,000 pages and stayed on the site an average of 22 minutes per visit. Although the majority of Realmers are from the US, Canada, England, and Australia, we have people who play from as far away as Brazil, Russia, and South Africa!

If you would like a custom quote, please contact us here.


-Jason Bourne

Drorsday, Septander 8, 855.

FFTR: Online, v5.0:
Version 5.0 is a pretty major change. We are finally on our own super-fast server! This means the site will load VERY quickly and the game will play MUCH faster on the forums. The allowed battles has also been upped from 6 to 10, and there are days every month where there is no battle limit! Remember, we wouldn't be able to afford this new server if it wasn't for the kind donations of several members. It costs $90 / month, and instead of relying on advertisements we are relying on the generous donations from visitors like yourself. If you would like to help give back to 6+ years of an ad-free FFTRealm, please visit the donations page. Thanks!

-Jason Bourne

Tiasday, Avrel 26, 855.

FFTR: Online:
If you haven't stopped by our forums to participate in the ever growing Realm version of FFTR: Online, now is as good as time as any!

- Choose one of over 25 unique classes, from a peaceful Oracle to a deadly Ninja, or perhaps even one of the special hidden classes like the Divine Knight or Engineer!
- Grow up as a strong human, an agile moogle, a towering dragon and more all depending on your style of play.
- Encounter more than 40 different monsters of all levels in various locations around Ivalice, from Mandalia Plains for beginners to Germinas Peak for the most experienced veterens.
- Join the ladder system and fight your way to the top for riches, glory, and fame.
- Buy, sell and trade over 1000 different items and 350 unique spells.
- Become a merchant or tradesman and set up your own customized shop to sell your wares.
- Take part in one of several different refining tradeskills to make your own shields, weapons, potions and more to sell or use for yourself in battle.
- Need a break from battle? Come on over to the Bervenia Tavern, grab an ale, and share your tales of adventure with others. Then take part in one of many bar propositions which grant you Gil, experience, and of course, fame.
- Think the game is over when you reach the top level? Think again, as alternate experience is available to all characters which allows you to further enhance and customize your character. Buy unique skills and effects like Treasure Hunter and Mighty Blow.
- Swear loyality to one of 21 different kingdoms and band together with like-minded members to expand your territory or repel enemy invaders.
- Oh, and if you have time, don't forget to take part in the weekly quizes, Mustadio's lottery, the classic Gil slots, all the various mini-games and much, much more on... The Final Fantasy Tactics Realm!

Visit the FFTR: Online FAQ for more information!

-Jason Bourne

Sunday, Tiyagar 4, 855.

1,000,000 .......:
What a great number, a million hits and counting! As a special reward to forum users, everyone has been given a free lottery ticket. Some lucky person is going to win over 20,000 Gil, plus a Gold Ticket, an Ability Point and two other random items!

I'd like to personally thank everyone who has ever visited this site dedicated to Final Fantasy Tactics over the past 7 years. I hope you're still visiting the forums 7 years from now as well. Hopefully we'll have more than just 2 million hits... :)

-Jason Bourne

Moonday, Yuven 21, 855.

Large Scale Rules Finished!:
The Battle Rules for the kingdom game at the forum are finished. Feel free to download them (you can find them on the left toolbar). A test battle will be held soon. Remember, if you see any bugs in the rules, feel free to email me and report them. If no bugs are found, consider this the final version!

-Agent Smith

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